Candy Canes at the Poker Table

Candy Canes at the Poker Table

Mar 22, 2023

History of Candy Canes

Origin of Candy Canes

Candy Canes at the Poker Table – Candy canes have a rich history that dates back to the 17th century. It is believed that they originated in Cologne, Germany, where a choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral handed out sugar sticks with a hooked end to children to keep them quiet during long Christmas services. The shape was chosen to resemble a shepherd’s staff, symbolizing the shepherds who visited baby Jesus on the first Christmas.

Candy Canes and Festive Celebrations

Over time, candy canes became a popular treat associated with Christmas and winter festivities. They are now used as decorations, ornaments, and even incorporated into various recipes during the holiday season. The classic red and white striped design and peppermint flavor are instantly recognizable and evoke a sense of warmth and cheer.

Candy Canes in Poker Culture

Candy Canes as Poker Chips

In poker circles, candy canes have found an unexpected use – as poker chips. At informal home games or holiday-themed poker nights, players might use candy canes instead of traditional poker chips for a fun and festive twist. The different colors and sizes can represent various denominations, adding a sweet touch to the game.

Candy Canes as Good Luck Charms

Some poker players believe in the power of lucky charms, and candy canes have become one of these for a select few. They might keep a candy cane with them during a game, hoping it will bring them good fortune and help them win.

Candy Canes in Poker-Themed Parties

For those who love hosting poker-themed parties, incorporating candy canes into the event can create a unique and memorable experience for guests. Whether it’s a Christmas poker party or just a fun get-together, candy canes can add a playful and festive touch to the event.

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The Symbolism of Candy Canes in Poker

Sweet Success

Candy canes can symbolize the sweetness of victory in poker. When players win a hand or a tournament, they might celebrate by enjoying a candy cane, savoring the taste of their hard-earned success.

Peppermint Power

The peppermint flavor of candy canes is known for its invigorating and refreshing qualities. Some poker players might use this to their advantage, enjoying a candy cane during a game to help them stay alert and focused.

Integrating Candy Canes into Your Poker Game

DIY Candy Cane Poker Chips

If you want to use candy canes as poker chips, you can easily create your own set. Purchase different sizes or colors of candy canes and assign a denomination to each size or color. For example, small candy canes could be worth 5 units, medium ones 25 units, and large ones 100 units. Alternatively, you could use different colored candy canes to represent various denominations. Just make sure all players are aware of the values before the game begins.

Decorating Your Poker Table with Candy Canes

Adding candy canes to your poker table can create a festive atmosphere and make the game even more enjoyable. Here are a couple of ideas for incorporating candy canes into your table setup:

Candy Cane Card Holders

Create candy cane card holders by gluing two candy canes together at their curved ends, forming a heart shape. Place the joined candy canes on the table, and use the opening at the top of the heart to hold playing cards. These can serve as placeholders for each player’s seat or as decorative accents on the table.

Candy Cane-Themed Playing Cards

You can also find or create candy cane-themed playing cards to add an extra touch of festivity to your poker game. Search online for pre-made decks, or use printable card templates and add candy cane imagery to the design. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the unique spin on traditional playing cards.


Candy canes at the poker table bring a sweet twist to the game, creating a festive and cheerful atmosphere. From using them as poker chips to incorporating them into your table decorations, there are countless ways to add a touch of holiday spirit to your poker nights. Embrace the symbolism of sweet success and peppermint power as you enjoy a fun-filled game with friends and family.


How can I use candy canes as poker chips?

Assign different denominations to various sizes or colors of candy canes. Make sure all players are aware of the values before the game begins.

How do candy canes symbolize success in poker?

The sweetness of candy canes represents the joy of victory, with players celebrating their wins by enjoying a candy cane.

Can I find candy cane-themed playing cards?

Yes, you can find pre-made candy cane-themed playing card decks online, or you can create your own using printable card templates and incorporating candy cane imagery.

What is the origin of candy canes?

Candy canes are believed to have originated in 17th century Cologne, Germany, where a choirmaster handed out sugar sticks with a hooked end to children during long Christmas services.

How can I decorate my poker table with candy canes?

Create candy cane card holders, use candy cane-themed playing cards, or simply scatter candy canes around the table for a festive touch.